New Year in Vodlozerye

A New Year tour to Vodlozero national park

We are going snowmobiling to the village of Kansanavolok, followed by the holiday program at the old museum house

We are out to travel across lake Vodlozero visiting its most spectacular sights and in the evening there a chance to take the Russian sauna

This is how our winter fairy tale comes to an end. We set off back on snowmobiles

   New Year in Vodlozero National Park will certainly remain in your memory. These places preserve legends of devils, goblins and mermaids, the mysterious creatures living in the forest and in the lake. All these legends miraculously coexist with the historic orthodox village of Varishpelda, the active Ilyinsky Monastery and a number of chapels. We can actually see all the beauty of the park Vodlozero and hear exciting stories and legends of these places. 


Town Medvezhyegorsk - Lake Vodlozero - village Kanzanavolok – Ilyinsky churchyard - Varishpelda village - village Kanzanavolok - Lake Vodlozero - town Medvezhyegorsk


Tour program
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Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Day 1

   After arriving in the city Medvezhyegorsk we have breakfast in a cafe in the city, get into a comfortable car and set off for the village of Pudozhgorsky (120 km), with the snowmobiles and the necessary safety instructions waiting. Next we take the snowmobiles to the village of Kanzanavolok, where we will have a sauna. After the sauna, there’s a New Year's program in an old house-museum, where we will stay for the night. 

Day 2

   We dedicate the whole of today to a journey across lake Vodlozero, stopping at its most interesting sights. The active Ilyinsky Monastery will surprise us with its majestic view, overlooking the mighty fir trees in the middle of the island. The first church on the site of the monastery appeared in 1582. The territory of the monastery used to host trading places, once in the area there were the major trade fairs. Next, we will visit the historic Orthodox village of Varishpelda, small but very picturesque. Lunch on the way. If possible, we also go on a fishing trip. We will spend the night in an old restored house of the late 19th century in the village of Kanzanavolok. We take a great sauna and have dinner. Distance: 50 - 100 km.

Day 3

   The final day of our journey. After packing up, we go way back to the village of Pudozhgorsky (60-80 km), where we take the highway to the camp Malaya Medvezhka (Medvezhyegorsk). There we have a sauna, and a farewell dinner. Transfer to the train station.

The route can be adjusted instructor due to changes in weather conditions and the level of training of the group.
Additional information

The price includes:

  • Insurance
  • Services of a professional guide/instructor
  • Catering and accommodation according to the program
  • Renting a snowmobile and a full set of equipment
  • Renting the group and personal gear

Additional costs:

  • Train fare to station Medvezhyegorsk


3 days/2 nights


300 km

Level of difficulty


Places of Interest
  • National park Vodlozersky

  • The active Ilyinsky monastery

You have to
  • Enjoy the New Year program at the shore of the lake

  • Go winter fishing at Vodlozero National Park

  • Take a ride on virgin white snow

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Tour price
65700 rub
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Photos of the route

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