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Silence of Vodlozero

An expedition to Vodlozersky National Park

   The eventful and vibrant route across Onega lake to national park Vodlozersky. You will see the snow-covered old Karelian villages and the famous Kizhi wrapped in silver frost. But the most important thing is the peace and quiet, provided by Vodlozersky Park, where you can visit Ilyinsky Monastery.


Petrozavodsk – Ivanovsky islands (Nikolsky Strait) - Shardon islands - cape Chazhnavolok - island of Sar - Sosnovets islands - village of Yuzhny Dvor (founded in the 15th century, with the church of St. Nicholas (17-18 century) - Volkostrov island – cape Varnavolok – cape Cherny Navolok (village of Tambitsy) - village of Palma - lake Vodlozero (National Park Vodlozersky) - village of Palma – Zayachy islands – Sandarmokh - Pervenetsky bay of Lake Onega – cape Kumsnavolok – Petrozavodsk

Tour program
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Day 1

   After meeting our guests at the train station of the city of Petrozavodsk we will go to a comfortable hotel located on the picturesque waterfront. Here we will have breakfast and attend a general briefing on the expedition, which includes the theory of snowmobile riding technique and safety. In the hotel we will choose the appropriate snowmobile gear, change clothes and pack personal belongings. It is only after the mandatory practical snowmobile training that we start from the waterfront of the city of Petrozavodsk. Today we are to cover about 80 km, 50 km of which will be on the ice of Lake Onega and 30 km on the snow-covered woods of Zaonezhie. The route of our first day is as follows: the city of Petrozavodsk - Ivanovsky islands (Nikolsky Strait) - Shardon islands - cape Chazhnavolok - island of Sar - Sosnovets islands - village of Yuzhny Dvor (founded in the 15th century, with the church of St. Nicholas (17-18 century). In this village we will go on a guided tour, after which we will have an outdoor lunch and move on along the following route: village of Yuzhny Dvor – village of Litovtsy - island of Kizhi. Here we check into the guest house, with a sauna and a delicious dinner waiting.

Day 2

   Today we will cover 120 km, of which 60 are on the ice of Lake Onega, and the remaining 60 on the snow-covered woods of Pudozh shore. After breakfast and packing things, we go on a trip to the island of Kizhi. Then we will move on along the following route: Volkostrov island - Varnavolok Cape - Cape Cherny Navolok (village of Tambitsy where we visit the old chapel, lost in the snow) - the island Palyak - village of Palma. Then we take the forest roads to lake Vodlozero (Vodlozersky National Park), where we check in at the visitor center of the park and into a cozy and comfortable guest house, with a delicious lunch and a sauna waiting.

Day 3

   The task of the day is to reach our destination - Ilyinsky Monastery, which we'll get to by riding across the whole of the lake Vodlozero. After visiting the monastery, we go back, admiring the beauty of Park Vodlozersky on the way. During the trip, we'll have a field lunch and go fishing. After we return to the warm guest house in the evening we have a sauna and have dinner.

Day 4

   We leave Vodlozersky Park. Right after breakfast and packing things we set off on the route: lake Vodlozero - village of Palma – Zayachy Islands - Sandarmokh. Then we move back to Pervenetsky bay of Lake Onega, heading towards Cape Kumsnavolok. Later in the afternoon we arrive at the country club Malaya Medvezhka, where we are put up in comfortable rooms. We have a sauna followed by a delicious dinner and sharing impressions of the penultimate day.

Day 5

   This is the last day of our adventure. After breakfast we get on a comfortable bus going to Petrozavodsk (150km). On the way we will stop for a tour of Kivatch waterfall that looks particularly magical in the winter. On arrival in Petrozavodsk there’s a farewell dinner waiting for us in the first Karelian cuisine restaurant "Karelskaya Gornitsa". After dinner, we go to the city’s train station and say goodbye to the fellow participants of our winter adventure.

The route can be adjusted instructor due to changes in weather conditions and the level of training of the group.
Tour price:
from rub

The price includes:

  • Renting a snowmobile and a full set of equipment
  • Insurance
  • Services of a professional guide/instructor
  • Catering and accommodation according to the program
  • Renting of group and personal equipment

Additional costs:

  • Train tickets to Loukhi station


5 days/4 nights


480 km

Level of difficulty


Places of Interest
  • “Eighth Wonder of the World”, the architectural ensemble of the Kizhi Pogost

  • Lake Onega – the second biggest lake in Europe

  • Vodlozersky National Park

You have to
  • Enjoy winter fishing

  • Take a ride on virgin white snow

  • Visit the Kizhi museum

  • Visit Ilyinsky monastery

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Tour dates:
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Tour price
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